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March 22, 2018


The 2018 RSA conference promises to feature a lively, yet critical discussion on the role of DevSecOps and how this movement is transforming the way organizations are building and securing their software.  Many agree that secure software equals good software. As we have seen in so many recent headlines, the security posture of your applications can be the difference between rolling out a successful deployment and suffering a major data breach. Amidst all this, developers must deliver feature-rich applications while also making sure they are secure; and with the advent of DevOps, they are now deploying software in more rapid turnaround cycles.

Join Alan Shimel, Managing Editor of and Pete Chestna, Director of Developer Engagement at CA Veracode as they discuss the evolving state of developing and securing software within the DevSecOps mindset. Pete will share how the development team at CA Veracode made its own leap from Waterfall to Agile to DevSecOps, and discuss you can integrate the building and deploying of secure software into your existing development environment. 

In addition, you will get a sneak peek of the innovative solutions you will see at RSA including:

  • Veracode Greenlight: Identify and fix security-related defects in your code as you write it, from within your IDE
  • Software Composition Analysis:  Identify open source security risks and vulnerabilities of third-party components
  • Veracode Integrations: Automate the major tasks involved in scanning applications and analyzing the results


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Peter Chestna,

Director of Developer Engagement at Veracode

Pete Chestna has more than 25 years of experience developing software and leading development teams. As Director of Developer Engagement at CA Veracode, Pete provides customers and prospects with practical advice on how to successfully roll out developer-centric application security (AppSec) programs. Relying on more than 11 years of direct AppSec practitioner experience as both a developer and development leader, Pete provides information on best practices amassed from personal experience in addition to working with Veracode’s many global customers. In addition to his extensive security experience, he led Veracode’s transformation from Waterfall to Agile to DevOps and from monolith to microservice architecture. He is certified as both a scrum master and product owner. From his experience as both a practitioner and consultant, Pete has spoken internationally at both security and developer conferences on the topics of AppSec, Agile and DevOps. He is also a contributing editor at and Buy him a whisk(e)y and he’ll tell you all about it.



Alan Shimel


An often-cited personality in the security and technology community and a sought-after speaker at industry and government events, Alan has helped build several successful technology companies by combining a strong business background with a deep knowledge of technology.