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There’s an OpenBullet Attack Config for Your Site – What Should You Do?


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Wednesday, July 22, 2020
1 pm EDT
Using commercially available attack tools like OpenBullet, Snipr MBA and BlackBullet has dramatically simplified the act of committing fraud through account takeovers, fake account creation or other automated attack. With thousands of configs available on the web, bad actors can find a pre-defined attacks for the retail, financial services, streaming media or other web application they want to target. If a predefined attack config for your company is discovered, how should you react?

In this session, Will Glazier, head of security research at Cequence Security will provide tips and techniques to help you uncover the existence of an attack config, then demonstrate how it is used in OpenBullet, providing pointers on how to use OpenBullet to your mitigation advantage. A demonstration of Cequence Bot Defense will wrap up the session. Discussion topics for the talk will include:

  • Researching Attack Configurations
     - Forums
     - Attack tools
     - Using the power of Google
  • Turning the Tables: OpenBullet Deep Dive
     - How it works
     - Use it to your advantage: stop the attacks
  • Using OpenBullet Findings to Prevent Attacks
    - Brief demo of Cequence Bot Defense
Will Glazier
Head of CQ Prime Threat Research and Data Science - Cequence
Glazier is the Cequence Security’s Head of CQ Prime Threat Research Team, whose mission is to help the security industry better understand how cybercriminals execute automated, malicious bot attacks against web, mobile, and API-based applications. Glazier focuses on the rapidly escalating problems of account takeover, fake account creation and content scraping at scale. He has an extensive background in fraud and abuse prevention, as well as building threat intelligence systems and databases.

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