June 11, 2018


The changing digital landscape of data and devices is creating a perfect storm of opportunity for cybercriminals. Enterprises today are prime targets, as more users access more data using more—and more varied—devices. In particular, enterprises today must contend with issues including ransomware, IoT security flaws, DDoS attacks and managing mobile devices on the corporate network.

In this webinar, we’ll take a look at the four current threats enterprises can’t ignore in maintaining a strong security posture and offer tips in alleviating the complexity of and frustration in addressing each threat. Our panel of industry experts also will provide some best practices in preparing now for the next generation of security threats.


Jeannie Warner, Security Manager, WhiteHat Security

Jeannie has worked in security since 2001, with detailed work in analysis and operations, product management, product marketing, senior operations management, and occasional forensics investigation and compliance. She is an advocate and evangelist for security process maturity, and finding integration points for application and network security as the “big picture” in managing risk.