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Securing Your Software Supply Chain: Leveraging Dark Web Threat Intelligence to Fortify Your Defenses


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Tuesday, September 14, 2021
1 p.m. ET

The dark web is a wealth of information organizations can -- and should -- use to their advantage to understand what your enemies know about your organization and how they might attack. Identifying what cybercriminals believe are your vulnerabilities can help shore up cybersecurity. Join Eylam Milner, CTO at Argon Security, and Yonatan Israel Garzon, director of threat intelligence at Cyberint, as they delve into the security risks across the software supply chain and the sensitive data that can be exposed across the deep and dark web.

During the webinar, they will share their experience monitoring, detecting and mitigating supply chain risks, and how you can turn threat intelligence into proactive cybersecurity defense strategies to better protect your business.

Eylam Milner
Chief Technology Officer - Argon Security
Eylam is the Co-Founder and CTO of Argon Security. Argon enables DevOps and security teams to protect their software delivery pipelines against supply chain attacks, misconfigurations and vulnerabilities. Argon's first-to-market security solution delivers visibility, security, and integrity to CI/CD pipelines, ensuring trust in companies’ software releases. Before founding Argon, Eylam served as a security team lead in the Israeli military for 7 years, and as a founder and consultant of various startups.
Yonatan Israel Garzon
Director of Threat Intelligence - Cyberint
Yonatan is Director of Threat Intelligence at Cyberint. Cyberint offers an innovative Digital Risk Protection (DRP) solution for organizations and businesses to help mitigate business risks from cyberattacks beyond the perimeter, based on continuous monitoring of the external attack surface for potential risks and cyberthreats targeting an organization from the clear, deep and dark webs. Yonatan manages Cyberint's best-in-class managed services provided by a team of highly experienced threat intelligence analysts, able to provide added value to clients through noise reduction, alert enrichment, deep-dive investigations, threat actor identification and proactive HUMINT engagement. Before joining Cyberint, Yonatan served as analyst team lead and senior analyst in various threat intelligence firms.

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