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Quantifiable Application Security: Mining the Value of DevSecOps


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Thursday, February 25
11 a.m. ET
Determining the success of a cybersecurity program has historically been challenging. Every corporate leader is aware of the need to protect business-critical assets. Yet, questions regarding the value and impact of security remain. The cultural shift-left movement of DevSecOps aims to integrate security into development processes, with the intent of discovery and triage of vulnerabilities before delivery.
To successfully implement a DevSecOps strategy, organizations need to be able to connect disparate systems and teams, leverage real-time metrics, and coordinate workflows. However, if Security leaders cannot accurately quantify the value created by security investments, how will they gauge if they have the right amount of protection and justify security investments?
Join Paul Dant, VP of Security Products at Digital.ai, as he shares how leading security organizations adopt a proactive, risk-based approach to DevSecOps. You will learn:
  • How feedback loops and application security data are used to discover and triage vulnerabilities while also helping quantify the value security investments
  • Why organizations are starting to incorporate Value Stream Management with DevSecOps to shape a 'new' application security landscape
  • How organizations can achieve a proactive state of application security
Paul Dant
VP of Security Products - Digital.ai

VP of Security Products


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