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Think About Your Audience Before Choosing a Webinar Title

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Dive into the groundbreaking research study by the Ponemon Institute revealing the hidden dangers of nonfederated applications in organizations–applications that can’t be managed by identity providers. This eye-opening event, led by Matt Chiodi, Chief Trust Officer at Cerby, explores the alarming risks and offers powerful recommendations for mitigating these threats. Attendees will gain insights and actionable strategies to triumph over non-federated application risks.

Register today to:
  • Expose nonfederated application risks: Discover how one in seven breaches is linked to nonfederated applications and the lack of support for common standards
  • Unmask financial and operational impacts: Learn about the staggering 5,000 hours and enormous sums spent annually on managing nonfederated applications
  • Grasp the urgency of prioritizing security: Recognize the looming risks caused by 34% of organizations neglecting nonfederated application security
  • Master identification and mitigation techniques: Arm yourself with processes to detect and secure nonfederated applications in your environment
  • Register today to: Safeguard your organization's data by extending your identity provider to nonfederated apps and reducing risks

Key Takeaways:
  • Tackling nonfederated application risks is crucial, as one in seven breaches is traced back to these applications
  • Organizations spend an astounding 5,000 hours annually managing nonfederated applications, highlighting the need for efficient mitigation strategies
  • Swiftly identifying and addressing risks is paramount for protecting data from catastrophic breaches

By attending this event, participants in all industries will gain insights into the world of nonfederated applications and see, not only how they pose an unseen and serious threat because in most organizations but how to extend access to those applications, minimize their risks, and lower costs associated with them

Matthew Chiodi
Chief Trust Officer - Cerby
Matt Chiodi has over two decades of security leadership experience and is currently the Chief Trust Officer at Cerby. Before Cerby, he was the Chief Security Officer for Cloud at Palo Alto Networks. Chiodi is a frequent blogger, podcaster, and speaker at industry events such as RSA. He is also on the faculty at IANS Research.

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What You’ll Learn in This Webinar

You’ve probably written a hundred abstracts in your day, but have you come up with a template that really seems to resonate? Go back through your past webinar inventory and see what events produced the most registrants. Sure – this will vary by topic but what got their attention initially was the description you wrote.

Paint a mental image of the benefits of attending your webinar. Often times this can be summarized in the title of your event. Your prospects may not even make it to the body of the message, so get your point across immediately.  Capture their attention, pique their interest, and push them towards the desired action (i.e. signing up for your event). You have to make them focus and you have to do it fast. Using an active voice and bullet points is great way to do this.

Always add key takeaways. Something like this....In this session, you’ll learn about:

  • You know you’ve cringed at misspellings and improper grammar before, so don’t get caught making the same mistake.
  • Get a second or even third set of eyes to review your work.
  • It reflects on your professionalism even if it has nothing to do with your event.