Sponsored by Veracode 

May 29, 2018


According to Gartner, the application layer contains 90% of all vulnerabilities. However, do security experts and developers know what’s happening underneath the application layer? Organizations are aware they cannot afford to let potential system flaws or weaknesses in applications be exploited, but knowing the distinctions between these weaknesses can make all the difference in removing them successfully.

During this webinar, Jim Jastrzebski of CA Veracode will discuss  how to identify risk factors within your application landscape and share his approach to helping security and development teams address them efficiently. Learn about the methods and solutions attackers typically rely on to perform application vulnerability discovery and compromise, and hear how organizations rely on application security technology and services to gain visibility into their overall landscape—and act upon it in the right way.


Jim Jastrzebski, CA Veracode Application Security Consultant

Jim Jastrzebski has worked in the Application Security field for over a decade. He holds a BS degree in Computer Science and a MS degree in Software Engineering. Prior to application security, Jim was a software developer working in the fields of mobile multimedia delivery, broadband internet infrastructure, and worked on design and development of SCADA systems for nuclear and conventional power generation.