February 15, 2018


Organizations are turning out software faster than ever and recognizing their growing risk exposure to potential cyberattacks. Security teams are working with developers to change their approach and learn to integrate security directly into their process. However, as is often the case with implementing a new system-wide approach, establishing standards and best practices can be a daunting challenge.

What you will learn:

Now that your organization has gotten a head start by integrating operations into your development process and vice versa, now is the opportunity to add in security awareness and secure development practices from beginning to end.  Learn best practices for transitioning to the DevOps methodology, establishing a framework for secure coding processes, and working with development teams to embed these into your overall software development lifecycle.

Join security and development experts from CA Veracode and Wipro as they discuss their experiences with organizations on how best to secure your DevOps initiatives. Specifically they will share:

  • Examples of how organizations have transitioned to DevOps and established best practices around this methodology
  • Principles for building application security into DevOps and CI/CD
  • Questions to ask when designing a scalable solution for securing DevOps



Christien Rioux, Founder and Chief Scientist at CA Veracode

Christien Rioux, Chief Scientist of Veracode, is responsible for the technical vision and design of Veracode’s advanced security technology. Working with the engineering team, his primary role is the design of new algorithms and security analysis techniques.Prior to co-founding Veracode in 2006, Christien founded @stake, a security consultancy, as well as L0pht Heavy Industries, a renowned security think tank. As a research scientist at @stake, Christien developed new software analysis techniques and applied cutting edge research to solve difficult security problems. He also led and managed the development for a new enterprise security product in 2000 known as the SmartRisk Analyzer (SRA), a binary analysis tool and its patented algorithms, and has been responsible for its growth and development since then. His background includes 30+ years of computer programming and software engineering experience on a wide range of platforms and for numerous companies, including financial institutions, mechanical engineering firms, educational institutions and multimedia groups.




Vinodh A.jpg

Vinodh Kumar Allam, Global AppSec Lead at Wipro

Vinodh is a renowned Cybersecurity Assurance Evangelist from Wipro Cybersecurity and Risk Services. He has over 15 years of experience in the Cybersecurity domain helping customers globally to launch and expand critical application security initiatives and build secure applications by integrating security throughout the development process.