February 12, 2018


Machine Learning (ML) and Artificial Intelligence (AI) have been proclaimed as perhaps the next great leap in human quality of life, as well as a potential reason for our extinction. Somewhere in between lies how ML & AI can potentially improve our Cyber Security efforts. But are ML & AI a true panacea or merely the next shiny trinket for the cyber industry to fixate on? In this webinar we will explore:

  • How ML & AI are currently being utilized in cyber security efforts.
  • What is working and what has not worked
  • What is on the both the short term and near-term horizon for ML &AI
  • Practical steps you can take now to begin leveraging these technologies to tangibly improve your cyber security posture

 Join our panel of industry experts as we explore this brave new frontier in cyber security with a candid look cutting through the hype.



Setu Kulkarni, VP, Product & Corporate Strategy, WhiteHat Security

As the Vice President of Product & Corporate Strategy, Setu is responsible for product vision, strategy, and direction at WhiteHat Security. Setu joined the WhiteHat leadership team in early 2016 after a 10+ year stint at TIBCO Software Inc., where he most recently led product management and strategy for the Operational Intelligence product portfolio. During his many years at TIBCO, he led a variety of strategic and operational initiatives – building the SOA platform for the Integration and BPM businesses, building the business launch platform for TIBCO’s cloud business, mainstreaming the LogLogic acquisition, and developing the next-gen ITOA offering. Earlier in his career, Setu held engineering and pre-sales roles in India and Europe while working for NDS, Infosys, Adobe, and TIBCO before moving into product leadership positions in the U.S. He earned an engineering degree in computer science and engineering from Visvesvaraya Technological University, India.



 Jared Carlson, Principal Researcher for Strategy, CA Veracode 

Jared Carlson is Principal Researcher for Strategy at CA Veracode.  Prior to joining Veracode, Jared was a consultant working for various government and private companies.  Among his accomplishments are co-writing a Mobile Architecture and Strategy Guide for the DoD when working with MITRE and winning three DARPA Cyber Fast Track grants as well as several patents for various algorithms.  At Veracode,  Jared works primarily with the Mobile Security team, exploring static scanning techniques, providing insight into various platforms, and contributing to tool architecture.  He has presented at various security conferences, including SOURCE, REcon, Threads NY-Poly and developer conferences such as the LLVM Developer conference.