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CompOps: How Compliance Operations Help Dev Orgs Conquer Increasing Regulatory Hurdles


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Sponsored by ARMORY

Thursday, September 30, 2021
3 p.m. ET

In the financial services sector, compliance departments work to meet key regulatory objectives to protect investors and ensure that markets are fair, efficient and transparent. Compliance is critical for many organizations and should be incorporated into their larger cultural initiatives. Lessons learned from the DevOps cultural movement can be applied in a new approach: CompOps.

This webinar will discuss the challenges of building a compliance-driven cultural organization. Speakers will share the lessons learned from building a CompOps program. These will include how to:

  • Demonstrate adherence to laws and regulations
  • Speed response times when audits or litigation occur
  • Reduce the risk of fines and penalties
  • Improve  business efficiencies
  • Reduce administrative costs
  • Get control over critical records
Shannon Smith
Security Compliance Manager - Armory
Shannon Smith is the security compliance manager at Armory, currently focused on overseeing Armory's SOC 2 Type 2 efforts and internal compliance roadmap as a whole. Prior to Shannon's current role, she was an information technology consultant and auditor, advising upon, performing and managing audits including IT compliance and regulatory frameworks and initiatives such as SOC 1, SOC 2, NIST 800-53, Federal Information Security Management Act (FISMA), and Microsoft supplier data protection requirements (DPR). Shannon has a Bachelor of business administration in accounting and a minor in computer science. Shannon is a Certified Information Systems Auditor (CISA).
Andy Suderman
Director of R&D and Technology - Fairwinds
Andy got his start in tech doing IT work while waiting tables in college. Later he took his first SRE role at ReadyTalk back before the video conferencing revolution gave us Zoom and other contenders. Today Andy leads research & development and technology at Fairwinds exploring new nooks and crannies of the Kubernetes ecosystem and pressing the limits of what’s possible with automation in a fast-moving technology like Kubernetes.
Dr. David Yates
Associate Professor, Computer Information Systems - Bentley University
Dr. David Yates is a student, apprentice and practitioner of software development for 10+ years and teacher of modern software development methodologies for 10+ years. David has focused on Agile and DevOps methodologies since 2010. David has also worked in the cloud computing, cybersecurity, technology infrastructure, and computer networking industries.
Thomas McGonagle
Cloud Partner Solutions Architect - Armory
Since childhood, Thomas has prioritized and emphasized human service and has always had a genuine passion for technology. Thomas is adept at recognizing and personally investing in open source market-leading platforms. He uses his insight and genuine desire for service to help his customers with their most difficult continuous delivery problems.
Dr. James Bland
Global Tech Lead, DevOps - AWS
James is a 25+ year veteran in the IT industry helping organizations from startups to ultra large enterprises achieve their business objectives. He has held various leadership roles in software development, worldwide infrastructure automation, and enterprise architecture. James has been practicing DevOps long before the term became popularized. He holds a doctorate in computer science with a focus on leveraging machine learning algorithms for scaling systems. In his current role at AWS as the APN global tech lead for DevOps, he works with partners to help shape the future of technology.

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What You’ll Learn in This Webinar

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  • Get a second or even third set of eyes to review your work.
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