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Hotels, Hookups and Video Conferencing: A Top 10 Countdown to 2020's Worst Data Breaches


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Tuesday, December 1, 2020
1 p.m. ET
This year has been full of surprises — and cloud security data breaches have been no exception. From hotel chains to dating apps and video conferencing, misconfigurations and mistakes have left many organizations with exposed data. Knowing how data breaches happen and how to prevent them from happening is key when it comes to defending your identities and data access.
In this webinar, Eric Kedrosky, CISO and director of cloud research at Sonrai Security, dissects the top 10 notorious cloud data breaches from 2020, breaking down how each was caused and how they could have been prevented. This webinar will detail the anatomy of each type of data breach, what we can learn, what allowed the data breach to happen and the preventative measures.
Join this webinar as we dissect the year’s top cloud data breaches and what caused them, including:
  • Identity and authentication for data storage
  • Public cloud misconfiguration
  • Key and secret management
  • Overprivileged identities
  • Malicious Bad Actors
Eric Kedrosky
CISO and Director of Cloud Research - Sonrai Security

Eric Kedrosky joined the cloud security software company in February 2020 after 16 years of working in the industry. Highlights from his career include working as director of security and IT at Verafin, directory of information services and security at RigNet, and Enterprise Global Xpress (GX) manager at Inmarsat. Kedrosky graduated from Carleton University in Ottawa, Canada with a Bachelor of Engineering with a focus on computer systems. He stood out from his fellow students so much that he immediately got hired as a security analyst at Nortel. He rose quickly through the company’s ranks and left to pursue an interest in business solutions development with Bluedrop Performance Learning, the first online learning network. Over the last 16 years, Kedosky has honed his knowledge of security program development, security strategy, security assessment, research and policy development, and leadership development. Kedrosky’s passion for collaborating with customers and executives has made him a crucial member of the Sonrai Security team. Few people have the combination of technical and communication skills that have pushed him to the forefront of cloud security assessment and development.

CEO - Accelerated Strategies Group

Mitchell Ashley is a renowned strategist and technology executive, who has led successful IT, SaaS and cybersecurity transformations. Mitch serves as CEO and managing analyst of Accelerated Strategies Group where he is supported by a team of preeminent experts in digital transformation, DevOps, cloud-native, and cybersecurity. In this role, Mitch works with companies to align digital transformation and technology strategies to achieve disruptive goals and high impact results. Mitch is in high demand as a speaker at conferences the world over, and his popular DevOps Chats podcast engaging with digital leaders is one of the most widely followed in the field.

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