Sponsored By Veracode

July 31, 2019

11 AM ET

The path to a secure software development environment may seem intimidating to some organizations. The good news is that you only need to start small, keep things simple, and prove value before you mature your program over time. Hear from one of our customer-facing Services experts who will outline a series of steps you can take when bringing security experts and development teams together to achieve this goal over time. Specifically you will learn how to:

  • Define your program and communicate the mission internally
  • Assess applications and start remediation efforts before moving on to advanced testing methods and metrics analysis
  • Implement fully automated scanning earlier in the SDLC and implement metrics to measure program success

Based on first-hand customer interactions, you will come away with tips on how to build security assessments into the development process – making the path to maturity less daunting.


Brad Smith

Brad Smith, Veracode Senior Principal Security Program Manager