July 18, 2018


As security and privacy permeate companies’ business practices, DevOps is leading a transformation in the way software is built and delivered. And despite its substantial organizational, cultural and technological requirements, DevOps continues to grow in popularity. Companies that are adopting continuous delivery disciplines demonstrate better IT and organizational performance.

To achieve this level of performance, IT organizations must embrace a new way of thinking about application security. It is critical to understand how DevOps and continuous integration/continuous deployment (CI/CD) differ from agile development and how this changes the requirements for your application security. In this webinar, one of CA Veracode’s product and development experts will provide the latest update to the "Five Principles of Secure DevOps." Much has evolved in this space, and CA Veracode continues to share examples and best practices on how organizations can make the transition to DevSecOps to gain a competitive advantage.

Colin Domoney

Colin Domoney

Digital Advisory and Consulting Services, CA Veracode