Sponsored By Lacework

September 26, 2019



Automation is a key aspect of success  in cloud adoption, it can help build faster and deliver continuously at scale. However, it can also make managing security a challenge it not planned well. A strong partnership between DevOps and security - focused on baseline safe configurations and hygiene - can lead to faster innovation and better security. 

Join us for a live webinar with Vikram Varakantam, Sr. Director of Product at Lacework on how cloud security and DevOps teams can come together to forge a more unified DevSecOps model, including:

  • Fitting security INTO your infrastructure, not IN FRONT of it
  • Visibility into use of your Cloud accounts: Securing the cornerstone of your cloud security posture
  • Operational Configuration Baseline: Baseline your cloud configuration and usage, avoid unintended access that causes serious data leaks
  • Entity configuration: How best to manage the thousands of entities that are ephemeral and can be a potential risk vector if not used appropriately.


Vikram Varakantam, Head of Products, Lacework